Chroma Squad (Completed)

Ah, yes. Chroma Squad–another game sadly lowered from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

It’s hard to quickly pin down the problems with Chroma Squad–in fact, there’s a lot of things that are great about it. I mean, we’ve got…

  • Generously customizable mock-power ranger team creation
  • A light-hearted atmosphere that leads to shenanigans
  • A bear who does the dance of death
  • A customizable Zord built out of cardboard boxes
  • A surprisingly tactical combat system & character stat/skill/equipment customization mechanics
  • A reasonably challenging final boss at the end
  • Powerups in the forms of hiring different advertising companies
  • Optional “quests” in the form of director’s instructions


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Amnesia: Memories (Completed)


Screw men. Seriously. Screw them.


It doesn’t help that it’s a visual novel, albeit with fluid and expressive (Japanese) voice acting. It doesn’t help that it’s a Shojo, filled with all the tropes of overly-complicated love-drama, albeit with an excitable and fun spirit named Orion living in your head. It doesn’t help that out of the four guys you can randomly choose at the beginning of the game to date (with no information about them before the choice is made), I picked the misogynistic playboy asshole who couldn’t help but be constantly obsessed with putting his johnny in every single woman he met on the street BUT ME, albeit he apologized several times for such behavior. However, I think what did it in for me, is that by the time I got to the end of my first playthrough of Amnesia: Memories, the ending I received indicated that the writers hadn’t really intended for there to be any closure for the player, unless they actually tried to make it work with their boyfriend. I got an ending without explanation of events that happened throughout the entire game, no closure on the nature of the relationship with the boy named Ikki, Orion was still stuck in my head, and my memories were still lost in amnesia.

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The Turing Test

It’s pedantic, I know, but the thing that bothered me the most in my first five minutes of the Turing Test was that the AI on the spacecraft said “100 degrees Kelvin.”  It should have said 100 Kelvin, since the Kelvin scale is absolute and not measured in degrees.  There was another issue I had, but I can’t actually tell you what it was without ruining a twist that happens in the fifth chapter.  As for its mechanics, the RPS article said it best by saying that “in a world that had never seen Portal nor The Talos Principle, it would be lauded, famous beyond belief.”

In about three hours, I got roughly 80% of the way through this game.  At that point, my motivation tanked and I’m not sure why.  I only have about three puzzles left, but I just can’t bring myself to try finishing them – perhaps because it feels so much like Portal and The Talos Principal.  So as strange as it seems, I think this game will have to go to Tier Two for now.

Steam link

Stellar Overload

While this game seems interesting (Minecraft but with planets), I’m just not motivated enough to play it.  Perhaps if it were a bit more like Starbound is to Terraria – which it may eventually be when it leaves Early Access.  For now, it’ll have to stay in Tier Two.

Steam link


Sadly, I think I missed the train for these games (Unreal and Unreal II).  They’re just a tad too out-of-date to make it to Tier One, given the sheer quantity of other games to play.  It’s particularly sad since they seem like excellent FPSs.  Perhaps someday I’ll make it to them.

Steam link 1

Steam link 2