Organ Trail

You know what the difference between Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and Organ Trail is?  Organ Trail is fun.  I went into this thinking that Organ Trail would be exactly the same as SAWA – a one-joke, boring parody.  I was wrong.  There’s gameplay.  And choices.  And macabre humor.  And…you know…fun.  This is a better parody than SAWA ever was, and it’s actually a game to boot.

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Pathologic HD (Completed)

You can’t save everyone.

The longer you play games, the more you fall into the pattern of genre expectation. We have certain expectations of body counts in our FPS’s, an acceptation of grinding in our JRPG’s and if we play hour Horror games and don’t experience at least a couple jump scares, we would consider ourselves misused. It is these patterns that form a groove into which the unknown becomes known, and wonder is replaced by predictability even before the game is played. Pathologic on the other hand, is what makes you remember that games can be anything but predictable.

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I first played a game called “Lugaru” back in 2005/2006.  In Lugaru, you played Turner, a ninja assassin rabbit – the combat was varied and interesting, since you played as a very low-health, high-speed character with an astounding jump (because, you know…rabbit).  Later, they announced a sequel (yet to be titled).  I pre-purchased it, and waited.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I bought it three times – once on their website when it was made available for pre-purchase, once in a Humble Bundle, and once on Steam (because I forgot both the email and the password to my original account).  During this time, they came out with hundreds of alpha builds (I played a few) in addition to lore-building comics and concept art.  Twelve years after, Overgrowth was released.  And people complain about Star Citizen taking a while.  THEY DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORDS “worth the wait”.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2

I’ve tried getting into Euro Truck Simulator 2 a couple of times, but never quite “got” it – it just felt like a dressed up version of Desert Bus (you just can’t beat the developer commentary in the remaster).  This time, however, it clicked.  As I was driving in to Glasgow, the rain started falling while I was listening to Time After Time on some Polish radio station.  It felt good.  It felt peaceful.  My commute isn’t that long these days, so this gives the perfect excuse to catch up on Podcasts.  I can definitely see myself playing this for many hours (even if it has Train Simulator levels of DLC problems) – though I’m now tempted to get a racing wheel….

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