Golden Krone Hotel (Again!)

One of the first games I reviewed on PICD was Golden Krone Hotel.  I put it into Tier Two, because I figured that there would be far too many roguelikes ending up on my Tier One list.  This proved not to be the case.  Many roguelikes were terrible, and many others were just nondescript or uninteresting – I found myself constantly thinking back to Golden Krone Hotel.  Later, I was looking for it in my Steam Library, and was astonished to find I had put it into Tier Two.  After revisiting it, it proved to be just as fun as I had remembered.  It has been released from Early Access and just got its “Last Update” – I look forward to beating it (someday).

Steam link

DarkWood (Completed)

It’s like if you took some of the good mood bits of Silent Hill 2 and smooshed it together with the survival aspects of the old Fallout games, the vision mechanics from Endless Sea, all in combination with some very simplified aspects of the survival craft genre. Oh, and Poland. That ends up being the perfect recipe for…

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King’s Quest

No, not that one.  And no, not the other seven or eight.  This King’s Quest is a reboot/continuation/prequel of the classic King’s Quest games in an updated graphical style.  I was told that all of the textures are based on oil paintings which were scanned and applied to the game – it works, though not as grandly as I had hoped.  If you haven’t heard of King’s Quest, you probably aren’t a fan of point-and-click adventure games and can feel safe skipping this one.  If you have, I need to preface this with the information that I haven’t actually played the originals – they’re on my list, but I’ll first need to get them working in Windows 10.

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Downwell (Completed)

Well, yeah, I mean I could write you a review or you could just watch my video. Or you could just buy the game. Would you rather be happy or $3 richer? Yeah, I thought so. Tier 1 vid and Steam link below.

Vid Link

Steam Link


Alto’s Odyssey

Endless runners are probably one of the few casual game types as old as Tower Defense.  They have been done and perfected in every way and in every style: from the sublime futuristic to the flash game classic to the puzzle version to the mobile modern to the ridiculously popular.  Any new entry must stand up to these and the thousand others which already exist.  Alto’s Odyssey looks pretty, but doesn’t have much new to add to this tired genre.

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