I first played this in VR, and it gave me motion sickness.  I played it on the desktop, and I got bored.  A Cthulhu-esque horror game shouldn’t be boring.  It’s a pity, because it sets up a good atmosphere – there’s just no interesting gameplay to back it up.

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Organ Trail

You know what the difference between Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and Organ Trail is?  Organ Trail is fun.  I went into this thinking that Organ Trail would be exactly the same as SAWA – a one-joke, boring parody.  I was wrong.  There’s gameplay.  And choices.  And macabre humor.  And…you know…fun.  This is a better parody than SAWA ever was, and it’s actually a game to boot.

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth

A reverse tower defense game that could almost scrape by as a phone or flash game.  I think I could play it on an iPhone and have fun, but there just isn’t enough there to make it worth my full attention.  This may be because I was limited to an hour, but it just didn’t seem to have depth.

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I first played a game called “Lugaru” back in 2005/2006.  In Lugaru, you played Turner, a ninja assassin rabbit – the combat was varied and interesting, since you played as a very low-health, high-speed character with an astounding jump (because, you know…rabbit).  Later, they announced a sequel (yet to be titled).  I pre-purchased it, and waited.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I bought it three times – once on their website when it was made available for pre-purchase, once in a Humble Bundle, and once on Steam (because I forgot both the email and the password to my original account).  During this time, they came out with hundreds of alpha builds (I played a few) in addition to lore-building comics and concept art.  Twelve years after, Overgrowth was released.  And people complain about Star Citizen taking a while.  THEY DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORDS “worth the wait”.

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